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After about 18 months away from here during which time I have moved house, messed up a knee and any number of other problems, I have returned to haunt WordPress with my continuing efforts to improve my photographic skills, such as they are.  I have a new email address for all matters camera (, and now have a couple of copyright images that I can utilize, presently untested.





As far as software goes, it seems that I am leaning towards using Lightroom v5.0 and Photoshop CS6.  I still get use out of FastStone which is a very good, free, picture viewer and basic photo editor.  I have signed up to do the Camera School online course through Practical Photography magazine, and am now through the first 4 modules.  I promise to try and stay up to date with my little bit of webspace, and can start by including the four pictures I used for the first 4 modules of the course. Please comment if you wish, and I will be back soon with the entry for module 5 (Monochrome). BFN.








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Further Adventures with Photoshop

I have never professed to be anything other than a complete newbie when it comes to photoediting software.  Indeed, I have always left that type of thing to Jeannette, who is many times more creative than I.  However, once again I find that in order to achieve the result that I want, I have to force myself to do some learning in the evening.  I am rapidly seeing the truth of the saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!’.  Never mind.  Whilst accepting that I never will properly master all of the benefits that can accrue from familiarisation with Photoshop, I have been having a go at one particular aspect tonight.  I have always been impressed with photos that somehow manage to have colour in the middle of a black and white image, so I resolved to learn how it was done.  Now, I am no expert, but after several hours of hair tearing etc, I have come up with two images.  One is my favourite phone box in Antigua, in Nelson’s Dockyard, and the other is of my old RX7 convertible.  I don’t think they are too bad for a first effort.  Let me know what you think  🙂


Phone Home from Nelson’s Dockyard


In Remembrance of Rose

Until the next time, enjoy.




Feedback and Competitions

I have already noticed how reluctant people are to make any comments, or provide any feedback, relating to images posted on the ‘net. I am guessing that this is mainly because these things are pretty subjective, and maybe folks don’t want to be seen making comments by other visitors to the site. The page on Flickr tends to generate more comments, but still not all that many. However, I have now discovered that there are a number of photographic competitions out there, aimed specifically at beginners, and that these will generally provide feedback from experienced and professional photographers. So the first entry is in – a competition for Architecture and buildings. Not really had the time to go out and take any pictures, so I had to root out some I already had. Here they are for your delectation and, dare I ask, opinion?

Amport House in Hampshire
Christo Rei and 25 April Bridge, Lisbon
The Barracks, Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

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Software and Portraits

Well, I am still battling with software, this time being Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Elements 8.  I think it is just a question, for now, of learning as I go along and by my mistakes, of which there have been many.  One success I have had, however, is the application of a copyright notice on most of my photographs.  Not that I think that they are necessarily a major target for photo thieves, but I have been told that it is a good habit to get into from the start.  Took me ages to work out how to do it, and in the end I used Elements to create the image, and CS5 to apply it.  There must be an easier way!

So having managed to master the application of watermarks, I then turned my attention to the portrait format for photography.  First problem, of course, is to find a model to pose for you.  Haven’t progressed to contacting any models as yet, but found a couple of willing volunteers from within the family!  So that is where I have been practising colour balance, cropping, sharpening, filters etc etc.  Not sure I have been 100% successful thus far, although I have had some nice comments from folks on my Flickr account (


Nikki and Jessica


I also tried my hand at a slightly more ‘off the wall’ type of image which, I must admit, I really quite like.  Do feel free to add your comments in the usual way.


Giving you the eye!

So I continue on my journey.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I will have to, at some time, enrol in some kind of formal photography course, but for now I am having fun.  Hope the images are worthwhile.



Following on from my last post, I have continued to work at understanding the Nikon Capture NX2 software, and it continues to confuse me.  Never fear, I will prevail.  It just may take a little time.  When I have had enough brainstorming, I then try to put into action that which I have supposedly learnt.  This week, I have been looking at my first efforts with landscapes (of one type or other).  It is a subject that I am interested in, so I thought I might share these efforts with you, my loyal reader.  So here we go:

This was the view from my study window in November last year.  I like the contrast in the sky, changing from grey to blue, and the way the farm and windmill are partially hidden by the snow-laden trees.  I suspect it is better seen as a larger image.  Just click on the image to get the effect.  The trees behind the house were still bare when, earlier this year, we had a striking sunset.  These displays tend only to last a few minutes, so there was a frantis searching for the camera, and knob twirling etc.  Finally, the shot was taken, and then submitted to trial by me and Capture NX2.  Actually, I quite like it:

I really quite like the warmth of the sunset colours in the depth of our winter.  A pity the snow had gone in one way, although I rather feel that snow lying could have made exposure quite difficult to judge.  Having done the 2 rather wintry pictures, I needed to cheer myself up, so decided to search out a picture of my favourite Caribbean island, St Kitts.  I took this photograph a year ago as we approached the island on our cruise ship, and it really did turn out better than I thought:

Again, please click on the image to get the best look at this picture.  It was considerably warmer there than it was here when I took the other two!

As always, please enjoy my pictures;  as usual, I would welcome any constructive comments, good or bad.

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What type of photography?

So, my voyage of discovery continues.  I have found out that there are a number of different file formats that I had never heard of, for example, RAW.  It also appears that some programmes open some formats, and others seem to open different ones.  So I am left wondering which software I should be using, and what I should be doing with it?  At the moment, the software I am using is Nikon’s own NX2, which seems very powerful if a little complex, and Photoshop Elements 8, for which I have discovered many online tutorials.  Whilst this was all going on, I managed to find a couple of photos I took last year whilst on holiday.



As always, I would welcome any constructive comments  🙂

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It’s amazing ……..

what can be done with software programmes and digital photographs. When I last took photos as a hobby, I was using a Canon slr film camera, and one was limited to using filters for special effects, unless you had your own darkroom.

Now, I use a DSLR, a Nikon D90, and I am just starting to learn a bit about the camera. I also have some Nikon software that allows all manner of changes to be made to your picture. It is a whole new world after film photography, and I am not sure I will ever totally get a grip of it. However, I am just starting out, and I liked what I did to this one – another photograph over my favourite river Trent power station 🙂

Constructive comments always welcome!

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