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Feedback and Competitions

I have already noticed how reluctant people are to make any comments, or provide any feedback, relating to images posted on the ‘net. I am guessing that this is mainly because these things are pretty subjective, and maybe folks don’t want to be seen making comments by other visitors to the site. The page on Flickr tends to generate more comments, but still not all that many. However, I have now discovered that there are a number of photographic competitions out there, aimed specifically at beginners, and that these will generally provide feedback from experienced and professional photographers. So the first entry is in – a competition for Architecture and buildings. Not really had the time to go out and take any pictures, so I had to root out some I already had. Here they are for your delectation and, dare I ask, opinion?

Amport House in Hampshire
Christo Rei and 25 April Bridge, Lisbon
The Barracks, Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua
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