12 Feb

Following on from my last post, I have continued to work at understanding the Nikon Capture NX2 software, and it continues to confuse me.  Never fear, I will prevail.  It just may take a little time.  When I have had enough brainstorming, I then try to put into action that which I have supposedly learnt.  This week, I have been looking at my first efforts with landscapes (of one type or other).  It is a subject that I am interested in, so I thought I might share these efforts with you, my loyal reader.  So here we go:

This was the view from my study window in November last year.  I like the contrast in the sky, changing from grey to blue, and the way the farm and windmill are partially hidden by the snow-laden trees.  I suspect it is better seen as a larger image.  Just click on the image to get the effect.  The trees behind the house were still bare when, earlier this year, we had a striking sunset.  These displays tend only to last a few minutes, so there was a frantis searching for the camera, and knob twirling etc.  Finally, the shot was taken, and then submitted to trial by me and Capture NX2.  Actually, I quite like it:

I really quite like the warmth of the sunset colours in the depth of our winter.  A pity the snow had gone in one way, although I rather feel that snow lying could have made exposure quite difficult to judge.  Having done the 2 rather wintry pictures, I needed to cheer myself up, so decided to search out a picture of my favourite Caribbean island, St Kitts.  I took this photograph a year ago as we approached the island on our cruise ship, and it really did turn out better than I thought:

Again, please click on the image to get the best look at this picture.  It was considerably warmer there than it was here when I took the other two!

As always, please enjoy my pictures;  as usual, I would welcome any constructive comments, good or bad.

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