Back again !

16 Aug



After about 18 months away from here during which time I have moved house, messed up a knee and any number of other problems, I have returned to haunt WordPress with my continuing efforts to improve my photographic skills, such as they are.  I have a new email address for all matters camera (, and now have a couple of copyright images that I can utilize, presently untested.





As far as software goes, it seems that I am leaning towards using Lightroom v5.0 and Photoshop CS6.  I still get use out of FastStone which is a very good, free, picture viewer and basic photo editor.  I have signed up to do the Camera School online course through Practical Photography magazine, and am now through the first 4 modules.  I promise to try and stay up to date with my little bit of webspace, and can start by including the four pictures I used for the first 4 modules of the course. Please comment if you wish, and I will be back soon with the entry for module 5 (Monochrome). BFN.








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